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The Glencoe Wineries

We visited 3 wineries on Glencoe road, part of the West Kelowna wine trail. Each winery offered a unique experience that sets them apart from other wineries in the area. We started the tour at Ciao Bella, an Italian-style winery run out of a house. Ciao Bella is a warm and inviting little winery that is family owned and operated. Their wines range from whites to reds and different vintages of grapes. We were lucky to try their Pinot Grigio (2014 and 2016 vintages), Rosé, and Pinot Nero- which won them an award for best pinot noir in BC in 2014. Ciao Bella also has their picnic license, which means that guests can buy a bottle of their fabulous wine, and then enjoy it in their wonderful little garden area with some munchies (you can bring your own picnic lunch!). Ciao Bella is a very personable, friendly, and quaint winery that offers a lovely way to spend an afternoon- wine tasting and relaxing on the patio.

Our next stop was to Kalala Organic Estate Winery. Kalala’s philosophy emphasizes environmentally friendly wine production methods. The winery is family owned and operated. Their grapes and vineyards are 100% certified organic, and they offer a wide range of whites, reds, and award-winning ice wines! Their chardonnay ice wine won best chardonnay in the world at the 2016 Chardonnay du Monde Competition in France! We tried their Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Harmony White, and Pinot Noir. Kalala’s wines have wonderful flavours and are sold around the world!

Our last stop on Glencoe Road was Off the Grid Organic Winery. Off the Grid gets its name from their 100% sustainable facilities (not because they’re hard to find). Off the Grid sports a solar powered and straw-insulated wine shop, 100% certified organic grapes, goats and other SPCA rescued animals, and a picnic area for guests to enjoy wine and food (they offer cheese platters and other non-alcoholic beverages for sale). Off the Grid is family friendly, as children are able to visit and feed the animals while the adults sample the wines! On top of all that, Off the Grid also hosts yoga classes on Sundays (drop-in for $10) and wedding ceremonies in their beautiful field-area with a spectacular view. For the wines, we tried their Unoaked Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Rosé, Unplugged White, and Pinot Noir.