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O’Keefe Ranch Fun!

Yesterday, we had the great oppoOKeefe ranch 2rtunity to take a trip down to O’Keefe Ranch, near Vernon. The weather may not have cooperated too well, but nonetheless it was well worth it. First, we got served in their restaurant and fed delicious food for a fair price. We next were able to take a look around before touring the mansion and were greeted kindly by the General Store worker who was happy to explain to us what things were, how they were used and who used them. It was amazing to see all the history placed there! The mansion tour was spectacular! All the architecture involved, the decorations and details of the house were quite a sight to see! The tour guide OKeefe ranch 1was friendly and very knowledgeable about the history of the ranch and the O’Keefe family. We were left with nothing less than an increased understanding about the place and great reviews to give. If you want more information on this magnificent, historic place, come in and see us!