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Monty the Pack Horse and Creeper Bob


Monty the Pack Horse was first seen on the opening of the Fur Traders’ Cabin, where he was used in a game where you must pack Monty full of old items for his trip along the Okanagan! He then made a performance during the 2014 World Music Festival, where he was a huge hit with people of all ages.

Pack horses were extremely important when colonizing the Americas, and throughout all history. Many townships would only improve roads in their own municipality for carts and horses, but the roads in between were usually poorly kept. Therefore it would be necessary to bring supplies and trading goods into towns by pack horse, because they were able to traverse the uneven ground where carts could not. Pack horses are still used today in areas of the world where uneven and unkept roads connect townships.

Creeper Bob is a friend of Monty, a local scarecrow and has been with the museum for a very long time. It is also suspected that he walks around at night when the lights go out.