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Books and Donuts Make a Great Pair

On a warm, Wednesday afternoon, what’s better than visiting local businesses? We walked up Main Street to visit some of our members: Mad Hatter Used Bookstore and Dolicious Donuts. Our first stop was Mad Hatter where we were greeted warmly by Paulette and shown a selection of books that suited our interests. I was looking at French novels and ended up picking up three. While I was purchasing my “new” book, I was informed that the store will buy back the books at half price for store credit. You can even trade in books from your home for credit! They are collecting children’s book, with lots of pictures, for underprivileged societies in Africa. So if you have any books lying around, collecting dust, drop by Mad Hatter and see what they can do for you!

[Update: as of 2018, Dolicious Donuts is unfortunately now closed.]

Once we were freshly booked up, we continued up to Dolicious for a sugary treat. We asked the staff working at the counters if they would be interested in letting us take a picture, and they brought out Chris Cruz to help us. We had previously been on a tour with Chris last summer, as he is one of the owners of AMC tours, and he is a blast. Dolicious has expanded their menu to include custom ice cream, chicken, and other delicious treats, as well as donuts. We enjoyed some delicious donuts and ice cream while catching up with Chris and the company.  If you’re looking for a friendly, welcoming place to fill that sweet (or savoury) tooth, look no further than Dolicious. And if you haven’t already been, well that just donut seem right.