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A Ride with Broken Rail Ranch


Looking for a unique activity this summer? How about horseback riding at Broken Rail Ranch! At Broken Rail Ranch, riders are outfitted with cowboy boots and helmets and are shown some of the basics of horseback riding like turning, stopping, and how to properly sit on the saddle. This was much needed for our group as we were all inexperienced riders! The trail ride is available for a wide variety of ages and experience levels, so no experience was needed to participate, and the staff at Broken Rain Ranch ensured that we felt safe and comfortable before we started on our ride. On the trail, we were treated to a leisurely tour through trails above the Bear Creek Provincial Park area and spectacular views of the lake and valley below. We learned a bit about the local history of the area (abandoned cherry orchards and Lambly Creek in the gold rush), making the ride informative as well as scenic and relaxing! While using phones on the ride is not permitted (or advisable!), we stopped at the peak of the trail where our hosts took pictures of us on our horses and the picturesque mountain and valley scape in the background. That’s one heck of a photo op!


If you are a more experienced rider, Broken Rail Ranch also offers a custom ride option to suit your needs. The staff there is incredibly attentive and friendly and has lots of advice for inexperienced riders. (Picture: our hosts Crystal and Jeff)

Broken Rail Ranch is located on Petterson Road in West Kelowna, a conveniently located near the Bear Creek and Fintry Campgrounds.