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Reece Home 1912 Westbank Main Street

HULBURT Home 1912 Westbank Main Street

The Westbank Museum was established in 1978 to provide a repository for artifacts of the early days of the Westbank area, to generate community programs of historic and cultural worth and to preserve Westbank heritage. The museum has grown since inception and now houses over 6500 artifacts in its collection. It also has an impressive collection of archival documents and photographs.

Located at 2376 Dobbin Road, on the west side of beautiful Okanagan Lake, the Westbank Museumwest kelowna museum invites its visitors, as well as its community, to share in the goal of preserving the physical history of Westbank’s achievements.

Every year the museum’s collection grows, as well as our involvement in the community. We offer educational opportunities along with research assistance to those who are interested.

The Westbank Museum has recently moved to a new location. During the summer of

2011, we transformed the old RCMP building into our beautiful new museum. We welcome visitors to come and see how we have evolved and share in our cultural history.